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Scott Flatt

Scott Flatt South Dakota

Scott is an Elhew enthusiast and avid wild bird hunter. Scott use to foot trial with alot of success. 810-577-8112

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Mike Spurlock

Mike Spurlock Alabama

Mike is the owner of Pineridge of Alabama. He has owned several dogs from the kennel.205-533-1108

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Todd Strassberger

Todd Strassberger Wisconsin

Todd is an avid wild bird hunter. While new to the Elhew bred dogs, extremely pleased with every aspect. 715-965-6586

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Garret Booth

Garret Booth Maine

Garret is owner/guide of Grey's Outfitting in Maine. He himself owns an outstanding line of Elhew Bred Pointers. 207-672-3443

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DC Schroeder

DC Schroeder Wisconsin

DC Schroeder is an Elhew enthusiast and avid wildbird hunter with many different species under his experience. 715-507-1722

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Dave Heavlin

Dave Heavlin Michigan

Dave is a retired fieldtrialer but still active in judging trials. 734-878-3273

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